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Electronic Conferencing Solutions

E-Conferencing is a network-based multimedia conferencing service that allows users to schedule and hold meeting online. E-conferencing has many advantages for businesses such as encouraging business communication by way of real-time collaboration, the ability to do groups or person-to-person videoconferencing, group interviews or consultations, the sharing of documents and finally, slide show presentations. The participants basically can meet whenever and wherever and the company saves money in the process.

KINANA enables corporate, schools, universities and colleges to deliver a high quality learning experience to remote learners. We allow communication and collaboration between different learners in different locations using the latest e-conferencing technology, and with only computer, webcam and microphone, learners can be involved.

We can accommodate a multitude of uses, including training opportunities, grant collaboration, meetings at a distance, or anything else necessary to support the business of education outside the classroom. Our services include:
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing (via webcam or video terminals)
  • Web-based conferencing (i.e. sharing computer screens)

KINANA | providing e-conferencing solutions