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Instructional Content Design

Many e-learning courses are designed to just share information, but donít usually go beyond that. Information sharing doesnít work for courses where the learner is expected to take action or complete tasks. In those cases, the e-learning course needs to be designed to go beyond the facts and move towards creating new levels of understanding.

Instructional Design is the process by which instruction is improved through the analysis of learning needs, and the methodical development of interactive learning materials using technology and multimedia. To enable learners to meet the intended learning outcomes efficiently.

We maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of instruction to create exceptional learning experiences. Through defining the problem or knowledge gap that the instruction is meant to address, defining the audience that the instruction is meant to serve, developing objectives and assessment strategies, selecting and sequencing content and learning activities, developing the instruction using the latest multimedia, information and communication technologies.

KINANA Instructional Content Design