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KINANA - we are crafting the ebusiness difference
KINANA Business Nodes We are developing

Our application development services are customized to fit the needs of the different organizations types,
and they include:
  • Mobile web-based applications suitable for all kinds of mobile devices that increase the business reach-ability and connectivity and create an added value needed in the current and future time.
  • Electronic learning applications that suits the varied educational organizations in order to enhance their learning process and moving it to a new level of effectiveness.
  • Electronic catalogue applications for retail and wholesale businesses to create potential opportunities for rising up sales and increasing market share.
  • Automation and standardization of business processes, including Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Finance, and HR leading to notable administrative productivity gains.
KINANA Business Nodes We are designing

Through our design services, we listen, study and then invent masterpiece designs for various uses with a deep concept that carries a message delivered explicitly or implicitly to the target audience. And in order to influence the audience positively, it is essential to analyze their behavior and preferences through which we create the right design concept for the right business purpose.
KINANA Business Nodes We are e-marketing

We offer a complete bundle of e-marketing services that starts from creating an effective reachable online presence that generates a real added value to your business, and empowering it with interactive personalization and customization services intended for gaining the online customer loyalty, managing your electronic marketing campaigns to meet success. In addition to providing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to automate a significant part of the customer service process, and lead to enhancing your customer relationship management.
KINANA Business Nodes We are reporting

We deliver innovative flexible visualized reporting solutions that provide a smarter decision making. We assist enterprises in monitoring and measuring their business performance, and allow them to see the whole picture for their organizational positions from inside out.
KINANA Business Nodes We are hosting

We strive to make the presence on the web, a business success. We offer unlimited hosting space on our servers for business web sites to be accessible and available online 24 hours/7 days a week. And we provide business with unlimited email accounts for their employees to be connected.