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ILIAS | Learning Management System

E-learning is becoming more popular with its utilization that expands beyond educational institutions to the corporate world. And in the present business scenario characterized by remote training and instruction, and web conferencing, it can only get more popular in the coming days.

providing the collaborating solution Providing the Collaborating Solution
ILIAS Learning Management System is a leading-edge learning and collaborating solution that creatively integrates learning content, assignments, exams, surveys and social learning to link Instructors with learners to meet the intended learning outcomes.

creating an interesting interactive mode of learning Creating an Interesting Interactive Mode of Learning
ILIAS provides an interesting interactive mode of learning, where the instructor plays the role more of a guide and a facilitator than of a teacher, and learners can work and learn at the same time. ILIAS makes learners realize their responsibility in their own learning.

enahcning the communication of knowledge Enhancing the Communication of Knowledge
ILIAS supports the cutting edge technologies of communication with features for emailing, chatting, web conferencing and forums to enhance the communication of knowledge. Additionally, it facilitates preparing and managing the learning content with supreme ease; the content can be imported or created from scratch. ILIAS goes far beyond the idea of learning being confined to courses. It can be seen rather as a type of library, providing learning and working materials.

supporting a leading-edge learning management system Supporting a Leading-Edge Learning Management System
Different evaluations figured out: ILIAS doesn’t have to fear the competition of other leading-edge Learning Management Systems. Since 1998, the development of ILIAS goes on continuously. It ranks among the pioneers of European learning management systems. All over the world, more than 4000 organizations make use of its interactive features. It’s currently available in 22 languages.

making the cost-effective difference Making the Cost-Effective Difference
Ohloh, a company information service, estimates the effort of reprogramming the functional range of ILIAS at approximately 187 person years or more than 14 million US$, respectively. As a matter of fact, the ILIAS License per user hasn’t to be paid neither now nor in the future. ILIAS features’ support services can be customized through categorizing them into separate modules with different support packages costs that meet different needs.

ILIAS Can...
ILIAS features
share Share
  • Sharing resources and discussing ideas and experiences through the forums and wikis.
  • Reviewing opinions and perceptions through the voting and surveys.
  • Sharing online video tutorials through the Mediacast.
search Search
  • Searching for particular content inside the learning library including courses, glossary, media, wikis, forums, and files uploaded by users.
  • Searching for specific words inside the learning library files with its different formats (word, pdf,..Etc).
  • Searching for a specific instructor, learner or group.
communicate Communicate
    Communicating via embedded Chat Server and displaying the active users on the LMS.
  • Communicating via Integrated mail system (Email to groups and course participants).
  • Communicating via Integrated virtual classroom system.
  • Sending private notes and public announcements.
  • Managing news and web feeds(RSS).
  • Creating and attaching personal Vcards.
evaluate Evaluate
  • Managing different tests including: online exams, self learning tests, and random tests.
  • Administering questions banks including: multiple choice, single choice, allocation questions, cloze questions (free text, select box), ordering, matching, hot spot, essay questions, and more question types.
  • Designing Certification program, including determination of working options, duration, grade (mark) schemes, test notification.
customize Customize
  • Customizing the personal desktop that displays all current courses including learning modules, forums, working groups, calendar, contacts, etc…
  • Setting Reminder for the different sessions.
  • Providing multilingual user interface.
  • Managing Internal and External Bookmarks.
  • Editing personal profile including personal information, photo gallery, external instant messenger, and the address on GoogleMaps.
  • Editing Individual settings for receiving internal emails.
  • Adapting flexibly the graphical user interface via templates/skins.
organize Organize
  • Setting automated registration for courses.
  • Creating and administering the courses learners and groups with their accessibility roles.
  • Organizing the Presentation of learning material subject to the learning objective.
  • Managing exercises with given deadlines.
  • Generating automatically forum, group and course roles.
monitor Monitor
  • Monitoring the learning progress report at course level .
  • Monitoring the learning progress report at learner level.
  • Tracking learners’ activities on the LMS.
  • Displaying automatically courses feedbacks from learners.
  • Observing voting and surveys results.
integrate Integrate
  • Integrating live sessions (virtual classrooms) as a course content and manage them.
  • Integrating with different payment systems.
  • Integrating with the mail system to send bulk email campaigns.
  • Synchronizing communication facility via external messenger services (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Skype, and Yahoo).
  • Displaying external information services through RSS reader.
  • Supporting the various course content standards including: SCORM 1.2 and 2004, AICC, QTI, and XML.
  • Adapting easily with the corporate identity including full integration with its website.
  • Supporting the various structured communication and security protocols including: LDAP, SOAP, Shibboleth, CAS, Radius.
innovate Innovate
  • Providing learning content authoring environment (XML based, optional JavaScript support, SCORM 2004-editor).
  • Export (XML, HTML, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004).
  • Import interfaces (SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, AICC, HTML).
  • Displaying Microsoft office applications files (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and PDF files.
  • Activating/deactivating individual pages in the learning module, and setting the time frame to access certain pages.
  • Creating individually adjustable style sheets.
  • Creating and managing glossary with pointer indicating links to learning modules.
  • LaTeX support for establishing formulas in learning modules, tests and forums.
plan PLAN
  • Scheduling virtual classroom sessions for a certain course.
  • Managing educational schedules for courses on the relevant course calendar.
  • Scheduling individually the recommended time slots for processing learning content.
  • Managing the personal calendar with project management functionalities (milestones).
  • Managing events for course learners.

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