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It is a flash driven publishing solution that generates realistic page turning effect giving the actual physical appearance on the screen for catalogues, magazines and books. Flip-Page Engine exceeds the virtual reality of browsing to cover the digital features of electronic publications; it generates pages that can hold multimedia files, including sound, video, and flash. The generated pages' content can be searched, indexed and able to save bookmarks, in addition to the smooth interactive navigation. With KINANA Flip-Page Engine, reading and browsing becomes much more interesting experience.

  • Content
    • - Bookmarks for each page
    • - Involves using active hyper Links
    • - Adding various file types including:
      • Sound
      • Video
      • Image
      • SWF
      • PDF
  • Navigation
    • - Navigation bar to control browsing between pages
    • - Browsing pages through Keyboard navigation
    • - Automatic Slideshow
  • Searching
    • - Search by page number
    • - Search by predefined keywords
  • Zooming
    • - Full screen
    • - Zoom Scaling

  • Printing
    • - Printing  all pages
    • - Printing selected pages

  • Indexing  pages
  • Allows downloading a PDF file version
  • Output
    • - Flash Edition
    • - HTML Edition

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Demo for a catalogue
Demo for a brochure

KINANA FLIP-PAGE ENGINE | Create the virtual reality for your various publications